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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get a bill from Patient Plus?

You had a recent surgery and a surgical assistant was required.  You were either designated as Self Pay or having Private Insurance.  If a claim was submitted to your Private Insurance for services rendered, your insurance determined that you are responsible for a portion of the bill.

What is an EOB?

An Explanation Of Benefits (commonly referred to as an EOB) is a statement sent by your health insurance company showing that a claim has been filed by a medical provider for services rendered.  It is NOT a bill.  This statement commonly shows the initial billed charges, the discount applied and the payment made by your insurance company. It is likely that additional appeals will occur and the amount noted as Patient Responsibility is not final.

Why did my surgeon choose to use a surgical assistant?

Your surgeon determined that the complexity of your surgery required a second person trained to help perform the surgery safely and efficiently.  Under the direction of the surgeon, the surgical assistant acts as the second set of skilled hands to ensure a safe and effective completion of the surgery.

Why is this provider not in-network with my insurance company?

Certain healthcare professionals elect not to be contracted with insurance companies. A common reason is because the provider may not be fairly compensated by the insurance companies. This scenario drives the provider to bill as a non-contracted provider in order to receive fair payment for services rendered.

Why do I have to pay for an assist when I didn't OK it?

Most medical offices will inform you of the possibility of the surgeon requesting a surgical assist for your procedure.  If so, you were likely presented with a Disclosure and Authorization Form to sign included in your pre-surgical packet. If this didn’t occur, you still have the right to a) contact your surgeon’s office and sign this form and b) call and request your insurance company process your claim according to your contracted benefits.  These steps will greatly reduce any out of pocket expenses that may occur.

Do I have payment options?

Getting a medical bill can be frustrating, but remember to be patient and know you have options. Your first step is to appeal the bill with your health insurance company. This could take several weeks or months to get your bill lowered.  You have the right to ask your insurance company to re-process your claim at any time.  If all appeals to your insurance company go unpaid, Patient Plus will work with you to create a payment plan to address the balance owed.  While it’s not guaranteed, some providers may lower your bill or provide a discount.  Payment options do exist – all you need to do is ask!

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